Field Types


No length limits unless otherwise specified. Some fields may only allow certain string values (e.g. job.status).


Date and time in the format “YYYY-MM-DD HH:II:SS”, for example “2014-11-11 09:58:31”. 24-hour time format; do not supply AM/PM.


All timestamps are in the account’s local timezone unless specified otherwise.


Date in the format “YYYY-MM-DD”, in the account’s local timezone.


36-character string describing a Universally Unique Identifier. All objects accessible via the API have a UUID.


UUIDs of newly-created records are returned in the “x-record-uuid” HTTP header on creation.


32 bit integer.


Double-precision floating point.

Decimal (n)

A fixed-point number, usually used for storing currency values.

The “(n)” suffix denotes the number of decimal places. For example, “decimal (4)” means a fixed-point number which supports four decimal places. Any number of decimal places will be accepted by the API, however digits after the specified number of decimal places will be rounded. For example, writing 1.23456 into a “decimal (4)” field would result in a stored value of 1.2346.