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How to change AddOn status to Ready (AWS Lambda integration)

Hi all, I'm having trouble with an AddOn that uses an AWS Lambda integration. I'm trying to set up an OAuth key for it, but I don't think it will let me because the AddOn is showing as "Not Ready" Is there a check-list that I can follow to find out why this is the case, or how to get the status to change to ready?

Form data export

If we can gather data from using a created form in order to produce a report for a client, how can we export the data or save as a readable format?

Oauth V2 Private Zapier Integration

I am trying to connect zapier to servicem8 and provide a deeper integration that what zapier currently provides. I want to be able to send sms and email from zapier but through servicem8 by building a private integration here: https://zapier.com/platform Has anyone done this? Having issues with Oauth authentication.

Producing the job list CSV via api

Hi, Is it possible to use the api interface to produce the job list CSV file that is available within ServiceM8 reporting tab? I would like to automate the collection of this data as the CSV has exactly what I need, and chaining the api lists together seems redundant

Accessing the my shift feature via the API

Hi, Is there a way we can have access to the my shift feature via your API please?

Asset Issues

Is it possible to query reported asset issues with an API endpoint?

API setup

Hello, I wish to develop an API for posting all required data generated by the company I work for to an external SQL database. Writing the software to do so is not a problem, nor is using the APIs. However, I'm having trouble finding out where I can get hold of OAuth2 authentication details. Can someone please help me out or at least point me in the right direction. Regards, Sean

Error Adding Webhook

After having reviewed https://developer.servicem8.com/docs/webhooks-overview I am on https://developer.servicem8.com/reference/get_webhook_subscriptions Neither page tells me what to pass in the body of the Post call. I am trying this : {"object":"job", "fields":"status", "callback_url":"https://hook.integromat.com/rxxxxxxx"} but getting error message : Please specify an object for subscription what do I need to change for this to work?

Developer Account Expired?

My sandbox account, which has been running for a few years, is saying Account trial has expired, when using the API? The web client works fine with the same login. I contacted support, but they said to ask here? Any ideas? Thanks.

Service Staff Assignment

What is the API endpoint to retrieve Staff Assignment to a Service? I have found the service undocumented API (https://api.servicem8.com/api_1.0/service.json), however cannot retrieve staff assigned to be able to perform service from there. Thanks