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Automatically Job pop up

When I open ServiceM8 my next job automatically pops up. This is becoming very annoying. How do I disable that please?

Custom report required from ServiceM8

Hello, I am looking to get an automated custom report from our service M8 data. Is there a developer able to assist me to get this setup?

Deposit paid through Stripe on the Online Booking Form

Hi, when a deposit payment is made on the online booking form using Stripe, are the card details of that customer saved onto the Stripe Dashboard? This is a feature of Stripe in Ireland when they pay an invoice through a link or over the phone, their card details are always saved to your dashboard for future charging. However, I am not sure if the API with ServiceM8 allows the card details to be saved? Stripe's answer was: ' Hi Luke, I hope this email finds you well. During the call we talked about how to save the card details to a customer. This is a feature that Stripe supports, however, it needs some integration before you can search for your customer information by name or address. When you create a charge for a new customer, you're also creating a customer object for them with their email address and saving it in your dashboard. While the email is the only attribute we require for creating this object, there are several optional ones you can collect as well, including names and addresses. https://stripe.com/docs/api/customers/object That information will be passed to Stripe with the card information, and we'll store it in your dashboard so you can later search for your customer by any of the information you include. Since you are using some third party plugins to create your charges, you'll want to reach out to the support teams for them to be sure they're also collecting and passing customer information to Stripe correctly.' If this is not possible, is it possible to hire someone to change the API for me to allow this? Thank you in advance.

Retrieve All Jobs and Sort by most recent in Guzzle/PHP

Hi - I'm using: https://api.servicem8.com/api_1.0/job.json like this using PHP: https://api.servicem8.com/api_1.0/job.json?%24filter=status%20eq%20'$status'" where $status = "Work Order"; How can I sort the results by most recent job first? Thanks

API: API Data fields Name required

Hello Support, Hope you doing well! Can you please help me in finding name of the field which is displaying in Dispatch board screen, For job Start time and end time in API response, As am not able time find exact which field data display there in dashboard. Please guide me how to get exactly start and end time of each job base on job id. Screenshot of my database table : https://p15.zdusercontent.com/attachment/43192/Ln1GIkZFp7BtsCtk8iXV8i1cT?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0.._1k4QedR7nfkdyvURl6uwA.-iIwgWo8JPAlKfFGrZmSENOilZWmHhUTM15r0kU3WtE1uwcly0u2FMi3eOeptGMhktdcN089Ig0v3rz7SN0cE4rM5xvZpX1pFr4c4joD3SYjuP3bHTTt5XsM-S_sqvNFEur6PR5Xxd6dEEsAjhnXkheuVT5WUc5XLhZKfaLOzcUsRKtvYL-4-Z7cpKH481WZLEh1byCbvHc-lxdmmIHAwGglaBFxU10PpeNGfuz6VLcN77KtUK6lfiMFBVI8henBB2pR0WS_dl1BdJVZSFAW8e1Bcwf3bE5Iab1kvAZJ63k.qpFwwGxTep1cAvrLveccLQ Thank you

Integrate service M8 calenda in to team up calenda

I'm integrating the service M8 into the team up icalenda but it failed to import the data. is Anyone helping me with this?

Quote showing $0 in follow up

Hi I have entered price in the quote which shows a dollar value, but on the auto email follow up it shows as A quote for $0 has been sent to you , yet price is in quote.

Known Locations?

Can anyone define what the endpoint "knownlocation" provides?

Google Anayltics 4 Tracking

Seeing as Universal Analytics are being turned off next year, does ServiceM8 support Google Analytics 4 tracking? Do I just put the Measurement ID where the Universal Tracking Code would go?

Available Job Appointment ENdpoint

I have checked your API reference but finding it difficult to locate the endpoint to get the available appointment times/dates