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Save SMS text contents in case of error

Hi, While producing a quote for a job, a PDF document is produced and it is also added to the job log as "Client can view this quote online" this is a short url for example: https://sm8.link/xyz3aa3 Which API can retrieve this info? I have checked job, job notes, job attachments but no luck.

Feedback embed code is not working

Hi, the HTML code to embed feedback is not working on my Wordpress website. It only shows 'Feedback by ServiceM8'. Please could someone advise? I have copied and pasted the HTML from your website as advised directly.

Create New Activty Endpoint

Is there a list available for what the field activity_was_scheduled can be set to. I'm wondering if it is possible to use this endpoint to create schedule a message to be sent to the customer. Thanks, Sinead

Invoicing and reporting - faster?

Hi, all. We currently use ServiceM8 for rental compliance reporting for Victorian property owners. The process of compiling reports and invoices is VERY tedious and manual. Has someone whipped up some API magic to get this to happen faster? Manny

Scheduling a Job via API

Hi All, Unsure if anyone knows but is there a way to schedule a job for a specific time using the API? I have had a look and am unsure if we should be using Job Allocations (assume this allocates a staff member to the job) or if there is another method for scheduling a job for x duration starting from y date. Cheers Nick

Billing details on client record

Hi all, Could someone please advise how a clients billing details can be updated via the API? It seems that only billing_address is available, and I'm not able to set billing city/state/postcode. Thanks

Is it possible with ServiceM8 using API calls to interface with a CMMS system?

Is it possible with ServiceM8 using API calls to interface with a CMMS system? We currently utilize our CMMS to maintain customers, assets, generate work orders and history and contracts.

Is there a way to display Property Owner client name details on the report form for a job instead of the billing contact?

Sometimes we work with companies who have clients that will need their information instead of the billing contact. So this information is entered correctly into the forms without messing the billing contact information. Is there a way to have a custom field for the property owner?

Blocking out calender times

Hi, Is there a way to block out my ServiceM8 calender into specific allotments of time that have a title that I can then book relevant jobs over the top of? I know i can import my external calender from google etc, but these items only come up as busy in ServiceM8 and isnt useful if i want other people to book things in for me in the correct time slot. For example every monday morning i have appointment between 7-10. My assistant can see this in the service m8 calender and schedule my appointments in this time slot. Other staff members can see that monday morning between 7-10 i am out on appointments even if they have not been scheduled in yet.

How to change AddOn status to Ready (AWS Lambda integration)

Hi all, I'm having trouble with an AddOn that uses an AWS Lambda integration. I'm trying to set up an OAuth key for it, but I don't think it will let me because the AddOn is showing as "Not Ready" Is there a check-list that I can follow to find out why this is the case, or how to get the status to change to ready?