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How can I get a view of all user calendars in servicem8?

How can I get a view of all user calendars in servicem8?

Add line item to quote using make.com

I am using make.com to create a quote job in SM8 from my website form The calculation happens within forminator and I have the quote data available to use in sm8 but i want to automatically add it as a line within the quote section of the job Any idea how i can access that through make.com via the api

combine jobs

Is it possible to combine 2 jobs? we have initial workorders that often result in us then quoting for parts. The quote becomes a workorder once accepted. Can we bring that info into the original job?

Integrate my simple online booking form

I there a way to integrate the simple online booking form into my website rather than using the link in the settings tab? I want to embed it in my contact us page.

ascociating a job to a specific asset

I really need to be able to associate at a minimum job card to an asset that was worked on. Preferably tracking the labor with description along with materials used discretely as I may work on more than one piece of equipment on a given visit and invoice.

"Work Order" job_status not updating via API

When updating a job the strings for "Completed" and "Unsuccessful" both update perfectly however we are having an issue updating the status of a job to "Work Order" using the SM8 API. I've checked in the dev portal and can see that indeed "Work Order" is the correct string as anything else is rejected. Am I missing something or is there other data relating to a job that has to be completed before it changes to work order?

Fetch Invoices to show as PDF to client via API

Hi there, I'm currently developing a custom portal, so I want to fetch all invoices through the API, for the client for all jobs they have, as well as the report forms ('like smoke alarm inspection report') Anyone can shed light on this? Thanks!

Webhook Notification

I have a problem with webhook notifications. Successfully configuring the webhook, gives the response of success. After I change the records in serviceM8 it won't reflect the response to my configure URL in the webhook.

Question on Service M8 Booking form API

Hi Team, We have built this solution <https://booking.safebuy.com.au/> using Simplybook.me API. One of the Service M8 customers approached us and asked whether we could make a custom booking application like <https://booking.safebuy.com.au/> using Service M8 API. That customer currently uses Service M8 general booking form <https://book.servicem8.com/request_service_online_booking?strVendorUUID=0dd06ae7-1e5c-4d0a-8ba7-20a732d0f59b&utm_source=Website> for their end customer to book and pay for the inspection. After the customer enquiry, we signed up for the Service M8 developer program, watched a few intro videos, and reviewed the API documents. From what we have assessed, we may not build the custom booking application using Service M8 API, as the API doesn't support public-facing guest checkout. We could be wrong too. Is there any way we can build a custom application like <https://booking.safebuy.com.au/> using Service M8 API? Regards, Fayaz

Zapier integration

Is it possible to have Trigger - new job - but without the internal trigger of a job category? We want to push new jobs through to our CRM but some are uncategorised. Additionally, it would be helpful to have the option to move contacts through the zaps based on Job Status (quote, unsuccessful etc). Is any of this on the cards? Thank you.