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Retrieving an attachment via the API

I can see attachment name and filetype - but no way to retrieve the attachment itself... Ironically getting badges PNG files was easy! See below - how to get the same for the attachments?? https://servicem8-nvc.s3.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/servicem8_ec2280/custom-badge-images/badge_7eaab77a-5b29-4e7e-8113-3329696a072b.png?X-Amz-Content-Sha256=UNSIGNED-PAYLOAD&X-Amz-Security-Token=FQoDYXdzEPf%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2F%2FwEaDN0rtl1Z%2FSARF3olUyK3AxZlhr4pBqtgPeoVrqCv9QQg%2FdawFmbTj3f89o%2BVPoh2wZJXxD%2Ffz5HrpqnzzFVvpHAQ%2B69GZ%2F0r12A%2BlUNKJh%2BkiiefqC6drvQzuvfz3D9AsxMuPCM%2F5oe%2FpbtKjrNPG8hQQO%2FOMwknkyVehbJRKMMeuIeMoOXYN58DaBgAAugZamLoLOhbkNzVL4NKugdZhIjsNRbiGkO10i%2FIO4oeIxZjYAsQgDb3WzJypbAtWhMyhqRbQ4e1yTlK%2FkmCVynmSGnsY8gfkQrq76nZjeyTfmMks9Sx4%2BEfZ3lEWQCC6mNci1sOO%2BofRbb%2FC3C2SPCwEKuycpvmf1sAAeR1oAmv9EKIC9rG3SjLZICAvCSaHap8yvTHR6H4%2BhfcVDUdzcyVnkLsibecLUG%2FtERlx%2BCXlldo4dmy%2BCOcyde9yYZ8ohBoDKR4b7Xww5c8UIWp89N5clcXB%2BzlyAIA66%2F%2B652t3Mx2TJJfsTDSOmPHjCI%2FJB9RtMcQlTDkps24y%2BD5Sg2ERSsl6kITyIVK902%2Fj7gbeD%2FqobIPGW40cD2Y0Y9k8%2FZIw%2FYbkViSjVJPSquKpGOcA0EnZuFdnHYow%2Bm01gU%3D&X-Amz-Algorithm=AWS4-HMAC-SHA256&X-Amz-Credential=ASIAISH2T5TC3V2Y7I3A%2F20180410%2Fus-west-1%2Fs3%2Faws4_request&X-Amz-Date=20180410T225154Z&X-Amz-SignedHeaders=host&X-Amz-Expires=86400&X-Amz-Signature=d094813e825837705a176245c1d6c22a75a6c0fb4ce097c162da30d2a58bc086

How to access attachments

Hey so I can see the endpoint to access attachments but I fail to see how I can download or find a URL for those attachments. IE I would like to display the invoices and photos from a job card in my app. I am able to display a newly created invoice by capturing the image returned from the api call, however this I want grab the images that are already in the diary. Also I would like to be able to send invoices and photos in an email via servicem8 What options do I have here

Creating a new client and contact

I am in the process of planning an integration between ServiceM8 and a popular form system. I just want to do a simple process of creating a new contact in ServiceM8 but it seems like the process of doing this is cumbersome and perhaps prone to issues. So it's my understanding to create a contact using the API you must first create a client as your API call to create a contact must have a company uuid. So step 1: create the client, step 2 create the contact. But the problem is that when creating a client there's no response reporting the created clients uuid. So therefore you need to make 3 API calls?!?! So step 1: create a client, step 2: list all clients and do a lookup between the original company name and the company names provided in the API call, step 3: add the new contact to the client. As I mentioned this process seems cumbersome, ideally you could just make 1 call to create a client and contact, or at worst on the first call it provides a response with the companies uuid. If I make these 3 API calls is the system fast enough to generate this newly created data in the later API calls? Is there a better way of doing this? Thanks for your help,

Creating an Attachment

Can you please provide me with example data to *create* an attachment on a job in ServiceM8? https://developer.servicem8.com/reference#post-attachment-create

Forms questions export in a readable format

Hi, We need to create quite a number of forms and were wondering if we can have a readable export of the questions on a form? It would greatly optimize the creation of forms by copy pasting etc in a normal text editor. Can be in a Json format no problem. Would such a thing exist?

Integrating Your Own Booking Forms

Can you develop your own booking forms and then integrate with ServiceM8? Would this be through the REST API or you'd create an ADD-ON? Any advanced info would be really helpful. Kind Regards, Phillip Blake

Has anyone had their account hacked?

We've just found our serviceM8 account has been hacked. The hacker seems to have copied all our data and is sending clients fraudulent invoices offering a 15% discount and using a different bank account number. The invoice is a direct copy of our invoice template and the email address being used is very similar to our domain. Asides from the discount offered, it would be very difficult to tell the difference between our invoice and the fake. I'm not sure if this is something many users are experiencing, or just an unlucky isolated incident. If anyone else has dealt with this issue I'd really appreciate your comments on what steps you undertook to block future hack attempts. Thanks in advance

Access custom fields API

I can happily read and write using the standard ServiceM8 API but when I try to simply list all custom fields using the API (https://api.servicem8.com/custom_fields_1.0), I am told I am not authorised.

How do I find UUID's equivalent values

Is there a way to retrieve the equivalent value of UUID's of badges, companies, categories, and job queues? I already found the equivalent values of staff users manually as they aren't too many. I am working on excel reports and want to show the original values instead of the UUID's.

Posting to Attachment API is not working

I am getting 404 errors when trying to GET an attachment. First I POST to https://api.servicem8.com/api_1.0/attachment.json which gives me a 200 and x-record-uuid value. I then use this x-record-uuid value and perform a GET to https://api.servicem8.com/api_1.0/attachment/<i>x-record-uuid</i>.json. I now get a 404 which makes it impossible to send the actual attachment. This was previously working, but has stopped over the last few days. Any ideas?