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Creating jobs from a CSV file.

Hi, we have been using ServiceM8 for 2 weeks now, we have had quite a few issues with it and to date we still can't upload invoices to Xero. That is still being looked at by technical support. But we would like to work out time saving options and were wondering if there is a way of creating jobs from a CSV file so we don't have to manually type in all the details.

Issue with Service M8 -Xero integration (Invoice sent marking)

HI. I have Service m8 used in the field by our techs, and invoices generated in Service m8 are sent to Xero automatically. (All works fine) However, the invoices that appear in Xero are NOT marked as SENT (even though they clearly are in SM8). This then causes an issue that Xero's automatic 7/14/whatever day Automatic overdue invoice reminders are not sent to clients as the invoice is not marked as being SENT.. We've just discovered this, and need to resolve this.. Also looking for a bulk way in the mean time to bulk mark invoices in Xero as SENT.. no option apart from going into each individual invoice and marking them as sent which is too time consuming.

Integrate WordPress contact form to Service M8 job

Hi there I'm helping a client of yours who currently uses Service M8 for managing jobs. We'd like to set up a Book a Service form on his website (WordPress), and then use this to open a job in Service M8, carrying through some of the info shared in the form. Is this currently possible (apologies I'm not familiar with your system)? Thanks

Deposit paid through Stripe on the Online Booking Form

Hi, when a deposit payment is made on the online booking form using Stripe, are the card details of that customer saved onto the Stripe Dashboard? This is a feature of Stripe in Ireland when they pay an invoice through a link or over the phone, their card details are always saved to your dashboard for future charging. However, I am not sure if the API with ServiceM8 allows the card details to be saved? Stripe's answer was: ' Hi Luke, I hope this email finds you well. During the call we talked about how to save the card details to a customer. This is a feature that Stripe supports, however, it needs some integration before you can search for your customer information by name or address. When you create a charge for a new customer, you're also creating a customer object for them with their email address and saving it in your dashboard. While the email is the only attribute we require for creating this object, there are several optional ones you can collect as well, including names and addresses. https://stripe.com/docs/api/customers/object That information will be passed to Stripe with the card information, and we'll store it in your dashboard so you can later search for your customer by any of the information you include. Since you are using some third party plugins to create your charges, you'll want to reach out to the support teams for them to be sure they're also collecting and passing customer information to Stripe correctly.' If this is not possible, is it possible to hire someone to change the API for me to allow this? Thank you in advance.

Is there a way i can retrieve a deleted template

Is there a way I can retrieve a deleted document invoice template I deleted it around 10:20 PM Brisbane time. Regards benc@mooloolabacomputers.com.au

Export invoice data to Excel/CSV

I logged this with support recently and they advised me to post here. Is it possible to export invoice data into excel or csv format so that we can import it into our finance solution (TechnologyOne). The only export that is currently available is in the reporting section and doesn't give us the required information. Given that servicem8 integrates with other popular accounting packages i would have expected to be able to export the data we require. Would it be possible to discuss the development of this feature?

Servicem8 APIs and UUID

HI Team I get error when trying to use APis "Authentication is required for this end point" Please advise how I could start to use the API and also is there a way to find the job ID corresponding to the UUID generated and is there a report which I can use to find a UUID and job IDs PL let me know Thanks Regards

URL to open a job in SM8?

Is it possible to construct a URL/link that when clicked on, opens SM8 (web or app) and the job in question?

Verifying Webhook

Hi there, I'm building an add-on for a client and need to setup a webhook. When I return (print) the challenge, I get the following message: {'success': False, 'message': 'Invalid callback challenge key returned'}. Here is a gist of my code: https://gist.github.com/joshlsullivan/f70a834d2966662ebfa22f60e67e7124 Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Need webhook when a new job created

Hi, I need to get data for newly create job using webhook. Could you please let me know how I can get that? Thanks