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API type mismatch - total_invoice_amount is sometimes string, sometimes float

I am having a real issue getting an API custom connector in PowerApps to work with Servicem8's API. The Custom API Connector in powerapps will only take one field type in the json response for each field. But apparently, somewhere in my jobs list, some jobs have total_invoice_amount as a "string" type, and some are returning a "float" type. This completely breaks the API connection and I can't even start developing my app. Anyone got an idea what's going on? Seems like a serious issue on the sm8 API side. I was able to handle other weirdness like some booleans being an int, some string, some boolean. But I can't handle a type mismatch in the returned data itself

I need to refresh servicem8 page or job module using progamitically into custom addon

I have one custom addon, i want refresh job module on my custom button into custom addon. Please provide me solution

Same quote to different Clients

hi, I've created a quote in the system for a project that multiple builders are trying to win. Is it possible to copy the quote but change the receiver? I would also need to keep a history of who has been sent the quote as this will occur 3-4 times when tendering work.

Accessing Specific Job Notes Data via API

Hi, I've been working with ServiceM8 API to pull information from Job Notes, and I've come across a couple of areas where I could use some guidance. 1. These notes get created by using the addon called "Supplier Invoice Import" and it provides the Invoice No and the Amount. We found out that we can directly extract the attachment of the invoice import by using the attachment API, however, it would be easier if we can directly grab the extracted information from the Notes. 2. Additionally, we want to extract SMS messages that are sent and received within the Job Notes. However, we haven't been able to locate an API endpoint that supports this functionality. Any advice or pointers on how we might access this data would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help!

invoice date

Hi Guys, Is there another invoice date field other than completion_date that aligns with the below docs <https://support.servicem8.com/hc/en-us/articles/5508739727759-How-to-change-an-invoice-date> job.invoice_date / job.invoice_date_extended is the merge field data I am after Thanks

accidently removed a customer/client

I have accidently removed a client, I desperatly need to get them back, is there a way?

Different labour rates for different clients

Is it's possible to have different labour rates for different clients and for that Labour rate to automatically associate with each client? I would prefer to not create new Labour items for each client but just select "Labour" and the rate automatically apply.

Second Branch - central phone number

Good Afternoon, Can we have a central number like a 1300 or 13 number for incoming calls with our head office landline as the outgoing number?

Is it possible to get related jobs (IE jobs from partial invoice) from the API?

In servicem8 you can make a new job by creating a partial invoice for an already created job. The new job will have the initial job's ID + A/B/C etc Does anyone know of a way to get this related job? Thanks Hamish

Knowledge Request - created by / edited by / edit date

It would be great if Knowledge saw the same level of interaction tracking as we see it almost every aspect of ServiceM8 as well. Being able to know who created or edited a Knowledge record and when would be a huge improvement to (at the very least) the backend (and ideally customer facing as well).