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Calling the job material list via API (Python/Zapier)

Hi there, I have a zapier integration that is meant to be calling the job materials list from servicem8 when a job gets assigned to a specific que. I can trigger the action when the job lands in the que and pass it along to my python script which is meant to provide a line item array of all the materials filtered by the uuid of the job which triggered my zap. I am able to return only the first entry in the material list. Any idea why the rest of the array is being truncated? e.g my python script: ``` import requests # 'jobuuid' is the field containing the UUID in the input_data job_uuid = input_data['jobuuid'] url = f"https://api.servicem8.com/api_1.0/jobmaterial.json?%24filter=job_uuid eq {job_uuid}" headers = { "accept": "application/json", "authorization": "Basic MYCREDENTIALS" } response = requests.get(url, headers=headers) if response.status_code == 200: materials_data = response.json() # Return the materials_data to pass it to the next steps in Zap return materials_data else: return { "error": f"Request failed with status code: {response.status_code}" } ``` This is my return: ``` uuid: ccec4318-0077-4082-a309-410abb46e9c5 tax_rate_uuid: da374289-575b-4e78-bb6a-1de9409945cb quantity: 1.0000 name: Bunnings inv. 2016/90315302 price: 61.9800 active: 1 displayed_amount_is_tax_inclusive: 1 displayed_amount: 61.9800 edit_date: 2023-09-19 14:42:36 job_uuid: 5d88a6c0-05c7-434e-86ef-200d2f1ffd6b material_uuid: 16434f99-94d1-408c-aadb-f7337fcddc3b sort_order: 0 cost: 56.3455 displayed_cost: 61.9800 id: RqNp2R6aEc50ExK10lucvpcXishvE2A5 runtime_meta memory_used_mb: 47 duration_ms: 710 logs ``` I was expecting a json array to be returned however I am only getting which ever material is at the top of the list. Really hoping I can generate the full list, would have really useful stock reordering applications. Thanks for any help! Nate

API fields - unsure which ones to use

Hello, We are using API and are bit lost figuring out the exact API fields that are for jobs: - duration - booking date - booking time We went through here: <https://developer.servicem8.com> But it is not very clear as the fields we have tried did not do us any good. Thank you!

Integrating Freshsales suite with Service M8

I'm trying to connect Freshsales suite with Service M8. Below is the action we’re looking to perform : Whenever a deal is created in Freshsales Suite a web hook is triggered to create a job in Service M8. I have generated the APP Id and App Secret , but I’m not sure where to provide the authentication details to connect the two applications .

Job card emailing

Hi, I have a few issues I need sorted ASAP for a clean and scalable system. 1. On the job cards, bottom left where the job contacts are, I need to be able to easily add up to 5 tenants on top of the billing contact and property manager. This is because I send a form 9 Entry Notice to all tenants before I perform a smoke alarm appointment. 2. Now when I click to "Email" button on the same job card, It doesn't display all the contacts available. Only the billing contact and 1x Tenant. I need to be able to send one email thread to all the attached tenants. BONUS: currently its also super difficult to determine the difference between each contact title (billing contact, tenant, property manager). As it only displays their names and not a title next to it. So essentially, my employees have to guess who's, who when selecting the contacts for email. It would be great it there was either a title next to the contact or have them colour coded etc. (currently Im putting the title "Tenant" in the first name field and their full name in the second field. Not great as you can imagine). I feel this would be way easier to explain via a video call or even a screen recording I can email through. This is a crucial part of my operations and I 100% need a solution. I've used ServiceM8 for many years and hope to continue. Please work with me to make this possible. Thanks legends!!

Job Templates Upon Creation

We are pushing jobs into ServiceM8 through the API. <https://developer.servicem8.com/reference/post-job-create> Is there any chance to add Job templates to the API endpoint so we can pre determine the correct template to apply to a new job?

Can I add Material Items List to Quotes and Invoicing for a respective Job # from external Tool by any means?

We have a 3rd party seperate tool called Measure to track all the Materials, Quantity and related cost for a Job , it becomes redundant to enter the same list in Quotes and Invoicing Tab. So, we are wondering what could be the right direction to automate this. Guidance is appreciated.

Service M8 SMS System

Just wondering if I'm able to change the name of the serviceM8 sms system. For example when I send a text through ServiceM8 it texts my customers from ServiceM8. I was wondering if I could change it to be my business name?

2fa Restrics Http Call for authenticatrion

Hi, ever since service m8 implemented 2fa we have not been able to use the private http authentication, the console log requires 2fa. but there is no documentation for handle this. Please help

API - Job Created Date

Hi. I can't seem to find the date that a job was created in the data model. On job.json there is a "date" field but it doesn't have the time component. I can determine who created a job from created_by_staff_uuid but can't find when it was created. Am I missing something really obvious? Thanks in advance.

How to retrieve manage service data

Hi, I am using service 8 API. Now I am not able to get manage service data from API. Can you please tell me which API can provide this data. I have attached screenshot of manage service' data. Please check it and let me know. Here is screenshot: <https://prnt.sc/ueBwOSLosx4q> Thanks.