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Why wont invoices approve?

Trying to approve invs and it just keeps trying and wont go through???? Tried restarting and nothing

Refresh accessToken for Severless/ Simple Function add-on

Hey ServiceM8 Developer support - I am developing Serverless/ Simple Function add-ons. One of the add-ons is a utility that a user may want to keep open either as a modal or launched from the add-on menu in a dedicated full window. The add-on works, but after 15 minutes (900 seconds) the short-lived accessToken provided by the ServiceM8 Secure Token Service expires. How is a new access token / refresh token supposed to be issued for this type of app to ensure the user can continue using it without relaunching the app (to acquire a new access token) to keep keep using it? I see with external web-hosted add-ons, I would simply include code to request a new refresh token when the existing access token gets to the near the end of its expiry. In the case of Serverless/ Simple Function add-ons I'm not sure how to do this via the ServiceM8 Secure Token Service.

Question on Service M8 Booking form API

Hi Team, We have built this solution <https://booking.safebuy.com.au/> using Simplybook.me API. One of the Service M8 customers approached us and asked whether we could make a custom booking application like <https://booking.safebuy.com.au/> using Service M8 API. That customer currently uses Service M8 general booking form <https://book.servicem8.com/request_service_online_booking?strVendorUUID=0dd06ae7-1e5c-4d0a-8ba7-20a732d0f59b&utm_source=Website> for their end customer to book and pay for the inspection. After the customer enquiry, we signed up for the Service M8 developer program, watched a few intro videos, and reviewed the API documents. From what we have assessed, we may not build the custom booking application using Service M8 API, as the API doesn't support public-facing guest checkout. We could be wrong too. Is there any way we can build a custom application like <https://booking.safebuy.com.au/> using Service M8 API? Regards, Fayaz

Zapier integration

Is it possible to have Trigger - new job - but without the internal trigger of a job category? We want to push new jobs through to our CRM but some are uncategorised. Additionally, it would be helpful to have the option to move contacts through the zaps based on Job Status (quote, unsuccessful etc). Is any of this on the cards? Thank you.

Is it possible to charge a fee for ServiceM8 customers paying with credit card through stripe?

I’d like to have the option to pass on the credit card fees to clients who chose to pay by credit card. I don’t want to charge clients who pay by bank transfer. Since I don’t know what method of payment a client will choose, I can’t add the fee as a line item on the invoice. So, it needs to be an added percentage put on top of the invoice price. For me, stripe processes the credit card and I also have Xero integrated. I asked ServiceM8 support and they told me I should just increase all of my prices. They don’t have this feature on their radar.

Phone app

I’m in trial mode of sm8 and am wondering if anyone has feedback on the phone app that originally brought me to this software. I see the reviews are poor due to it being new but that was last year. Anyone using it successfully I’d love to hear about it

As a wholesaler im trying to PDF Invoice Integrate

Hi, Our company (electrical wholesaler with @ 150 Branches who have hundreds of customers using serviceM8) sends a .CSV file for price file Integration but our current PDF Invoice is not suitable to be uploaded to a job card etc. we have some new PDF Invoice templates that we would like to be trialled, can someone in I.T etc be able to trial and let us know what we can do to either edit etc. so your customers have a better experience using serviceM8

Job Status

Hi, When a quote gets accepted and turns into a work order. Is there a trigger I can use for this?

Zoho CRM and Servicem8 to create a job. Problem is the customer name is not allowed to be mapped. And if put manually loses details of the one we integrated (like job contact and billing contact)

I have integrated Zoho CRM and Servicem8 to create a job. Problem is the customer name is not allowed to be mapped. When I manually input the customer name in servicem , all the details of job contact and billing contact is lost therefore losing the purpose of integrating it. How can we fill the customer name (after integration) without losing data on job contact and billing contact?

End point for quote accepted turning into work order

Hi, Does anyone know if there's an end point for when a quote gets accepted and turns into a work order? Thanks