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Service M8 SMS System

Just wondering if I'm able to change the name of the serviceM8 sms system. For example when I send a text through ServiceM8 it texts my customers from ServiceM8. I was wondering if I could change it to be my business name?

2fa Restrics Http Call for authenticatrion

Hi, ever since service m8 implemented 2fa we have not been able to use the private http authentication, the console log requires 2fa. but there is no documentation for handle this. Please help

API - Job Created Date

Hi. I can't seem to find the date that a job was created in the data model. On job.json there is a "date" field but it doesn't have the time component. I can determine who created a job from created_by_staff_uuid but can't find when it was created. Am I missing something really obvious? Thanks in advance.

How to retrieve manage service data

Hi, I am using service 8 API. Now I am not able to get manage service data from API. Can you please tell me which API can provide this data. I have attached screenshot of manage service' data. Please check it and let me know. Here is screenshot: <https://prnt.sc/ueBwOSLosx4q> Thanks.

How to retrieve staff leave via API call?

Hi, Is there any API endpoint to retrieve staff leaves information? Thanks

What purpose does the job field READY_TO_INVOICE serve?

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to pull together a list via API of jobs which are completed but not yet invoiced. The trouble is choosing which field to filter my API call by STATUS = "Completed" - returns too many positives INVOICE_SENT = "false" - returns too many positives I had the idea to filter by jobs READY_TO_INVOICE however by default the jobs keep a value of "1" even after they have been invoiced. My next thought was perhaps once the jobs are invoiced to change READY_TO_INVOICE from "1" back to "0" so these jobs don't reappear when I filter by READY_TO_INVOICE Can anyone share any insight on whether this will have adverse effects on other things?

How to test a Servicem8 custom add-on under development on the mobile app

I'm working on creating a custom add-on for Servicem8. While it works in the dispatch board within jobs on the web version, I'm struggling to locate the same add-on within the mobile app. Can Servicem8 support this feature on mobile, and if it can, what's the process to enable it?

Assett Labels

Have previusoly ordered customer assett labels from Exelprint. After testing them they are not standing up to the enviroments that we need to use them (mining) We use a Brady M71 printer that will allows us to print on more stable materials suited to the installation conditions. This printer can generate customer qr codes and bardoces using a range of symboly and has the abilty to print sequenced labels or just have a single data value, we can adjust density and print ratios. Is it possible to setup our own qr asset labels or are we limited to those offered by excel print?

Programatically refresh job card/diary

Hi. I have made an add-on that adds an image to the job diary/notes. The diary entry doesnt show the entry until the job card is closed and opened again. Is there any way to trigger a refresh of the diary section in the parent job card from an add-on card?

Permission Error When Accessing Camera in Servicem8 Add-On Using navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia()

I am developing an add-on that requires camera permissions to enable users to add images and scan barcodes. However, I am encountering a permission error when trying to access the camera. This issue only occurs when running the add-on in Servicem8, while it works fine in other environments. The specific line of code causing the issue is: ```javascript navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ video:true, audio:true }) ``` This line is supposed to prompt the user for camera permissions upon a button click and then activate the camera. The problem persists across both desktop and mobile versions of the Chrome browser. What could be causing this issue? Is it possible that Servicem8 is blocking the camera permissions? Here is the minimal code necessary to reproduce the problem: ```Text html <button onclick="accessCamera()">Access Camera</button> <script> function accessCamera() { navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({ video:true, audio:true }) .then(function(stream) { /* use the stream */ }) .catch(function(err) { /* handle the error */ }); } </script> ```