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Layout and Field Update

Hi Team,

I raised a ticket regarding this, but I was referred here by the Helpdesk: http://support.servicem8.com/hc/requests/205203

We are integrating ServiceM8 with our CRM. However, we are missing the right unique identifier.

I understand that you have API Documentation on your website that can be used for integration. However, for this project, we're not going to write code to build the integration. This can be done easily without writing code, we're just missing one important piece of identifier to get this up and running.

We are using Zoho Flow--an integration platform to customize the workflows.

In the integration platform, we're only seeing the following 4 fields (see below list) and unfortunately, none of them are useful to build the workflow. You might ask if we have tried the Contact UUID, yes we have tried all available options on the list.

  • Email address-email
  • Phone number-phone
  • Mobile number-mobile
  • Contact UUID-uuid

The "Category UUID" does not appear as a field when we integrate ServiceM8 with Zoho CRM. We require the "Category UUID" to be included in the current Job Card Layout the same section where the 4 items above are situated. We're hoping this can be done on your end.

Please let me know if you need further details.

Thank you!