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Job card emailing

Hi, I have a few issues I need sorted ASAP for a clean and scalable system.

  1. On the job cards, bottom left where the job contacts are, I need to be able to easily add up to 5 tenants on top of the billing contact and property manager. This is because I send a form 9 Entry Notice to all tenants before I perform a smoke alarm appointment.
  2. Now when I click to "Email" button on the same job card, It doesn't display all the contacts available. Only the billing contact and 1x Tenant. I need to be able to send one email thread to all the attached tenants. BONUS: currently its also super difficult to determine the difference between each contact title (billing contact, tenant, property manager). As it only displays their names and not a title next to it. So essentially, my employees have to guess who's, who when selecting the contacts for email. It would be great it there was either a title next to the contact or have them colour coded etc. (currently Im putting the title "Tenant" in the first name field and their full name in the second field. Not great as you can imagine).

I feel this would be way easier to explain via a video call or even a screen recording I can email through. This is a crucial part of my operations and I 100% need a solution. I've used ServiceM8 for many years and hope to continue. Please work with me to make this possible. Thanks legends!!