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Intermittent failure to Update Quote Line Items via API

We have noticed an increasing prevalence of Job updates via API not being shown in SM8 jobs.

We update Quote Line Items and Work Completed inside SM8 Jobs, as well as sending PDFs to the Job Diary.

Work Completed and PDFs always update – but sometimes the Line Items do not appear in the jobs.

We do not get an error message because SM8 accepts the data – but sometimes it fails to publish the line items.

Since last Tuesday this occurs much more frequently – it used to be once every 500 updates or so – now we have customers where it happens multiple times a week. The Job shows the 'Work Completed', but the line items are empty.

If we send another update to the SM8 Job (containing a single line item), it prompts SM8 to show all the line items that have been sent previously.

This proves that the data from initial upload is in SM8, but something is stopping the publication of the data to the SM8 Job. The second upload from FlatRateNOW prompts SM8 to show the data.

Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks