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Issues with program

I have been given this link through the ServiceM8 help chat. We are looking at some trying to work around some issues we are having with the program which we have had on trial for a month and just signed up for our

Namely the materials list that does not have a supplier with a direct pricing upgrade link like Reece does. We use Galvins here in WA.

We already have issues with the MYOB intergration where we have to manually manipulate the product name prior to uploading the csv file to ensure it is under 30 characters long, otherwise it converts it back to the Item code and our trades are unable to search properly for products.

This is a time consuming process and one that will be difficult to replicate monthly to check our prices. It also appears the only way then to have current prices on our system would be to have somebody from your end set the Wizard to remove all products monthly so I can upload again. There must be other companies that use other suppliers other than Reece that have a similar issues.

Our other issue is with the invoice date being the date of completion rather than the date we invoice. There is quite often a delay of up to a week between the completion of the job, the checking and uploading of materials etc and the invoicing. This means when we try to raise an invoice, it is due before the date we raise it.

We are also wanting COMPLETE confirmation that the same issue does not happen with Xero as the business owners are considering changing but will be furious if the issue carries over.