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Custom fields on badges

When I create a custom field on a badge using the API it does not show up on my job or company screen when the job already has a custom field? When do the badge custom fields kick in? I would assume on selection of the badge?

So I did the following:

  • Create badge through API
  • Create custom field on badge through API
  • Create a new Job and selected the badge

Expected to see extra custom fields but they did not appear?

Reading the docs I see this:

The solution is to use badge custom fields, badge custom fields allow the user to ‘activate’ custom fields on a per record basis by activating a badge. For example, if you would like to track additional vehicle data (such an make, model, colour), you could add custom fields to every job in the system – even though not every job would be related to a vehicle, or you can create a ‘vehicle’ custom badge, and then attach make, model and colour to the custom badge.

When users activate the vehicle badge on a job, your custom fields are immediately displayed, enabling the user to store the required data without compromising every future job entered.