The ServiceM8 API supports filtering of results by providing $filter option as part of a GET query request:


Key Description
FIELD A valid field name for the current endpoint/record
OPERATOR The type of comparison/operator
VALUE The value to search for / compare against
Ensure that your filter statement is URL-encoded (see examples below), otherwise the API will return all records with no filtering applied.


Operator Description
eq Equal
ne  Not Equal
gt  Greater Than
lt  Less Than


All Job records for a single client

$filter is company_uuid eq ‘10420f98-7626-4405-bf43-043f1036623b’

curl -u email:password "'10420f98-7626-4405-bf43-043f1036623b'"

All Job where invoiced amount was greater than $1000.00

$filter is total_invoice_amount gt ‘1000.00’

curl -u email:password "'1000.00'"

Date of Last Revision: July 1, 2014