Public applications are designed for external apps or add-ons targeted at all ServiceM8 users, and are eligible to join the ServiceM8 Add-on Directory.

  • Your app promoted to thousands of ServiceM8 users

  • Revenue share with upfront and ongoing billing models through the billing api

Select Your Billing Strategy

Before you can submit your app to the Add-on Directory, you will need to have your billing system in place if you plan on charging for your app. We suggest using the ServiceM8 Billing API as your billing system. The ServiceM8 Billing API is an easy billing system to set up, and alleviates developments from the compliance requirements when managing customer credit cards directly.

An app does not have to be available through the Add-on Directory in order to take advantage of the ServiceM8 Billing API. Likewise, apps in the ServiceM8 Add-on Directory do not necessarily have to use the ServiceM8 Billing API.

Test your app

Make sure your app works before submitting it. The app approval team tests all apps before publishing them to the Add-on Directory. As soon as they hit a bug, they have to stop testing and tell you about it before continuing.

Submit your app to the Add-on Directory

Congratulations! You’re at the final step — publishing your app in the Add-on Directory. Prepare your app for publishing in the Add-on Directory by following these simple easy steps.

Prepare your application for future installations by making sure that the installation process is as seamless as possible. If your app integrates with other software make sure that the user understands what to do to get your application up and running.

If there are any special instructions that the user must follow, make sure these instructions stand out.

The Review process:

  1. ServiceM8 Review

  2. Soft / Limited Launch – We’ll announce your app to our partner network, so partners can upskill and get familiar prior to the public launch. Any customers you have waiting to integrate are welcome to jump on board at this stage. We’ll also skill up our helpdesk team in basic usage of your app, so we are able reccomend it to customers when the situation suits.

  1. Public Launch  – We’ll announce your addon via our various social media and email channels to customers.

Date of Last Revision: March 23, 2014